Sunday, September 24, 2017

I wasn’t sure if essential oils were quite what they were credited to be. My wife is a massage therapist and wanted to update her repertoire. She had met someone at a network meeting who introduced her to essential oils. She saw the value for her business and added it to her wellness program for her clients. Soon every client was treated to a diffuser misting an essential oil specially selected for that client. One of the benefits to having a wife as a massage therapist is being the test case for new products and procedures. So this is how I was introduced to Essential Oils.

One of the first oils was Thieves. I mentioned I was coming down with a cold. She gave me a bottle and said breath this. Then she set up a couple of diffusers to mist Thieves around the house. After that she would have an oil for any condition that came along. Most you would rub on your skin and/or breath in. Some could even be used as a dietary supplement.

One important thing to remember when using essential oils is to use them in the correct manner. They are in a concentrated form. You should follow the directions for each oil and use it correctly. Just like eating chips and salsa, most people are not going to eat a whole bag and jar and be without any, shall we say, distress in the lower tract. Okay there are a few of you who could do this, but the major of people would be wise enough not to. 

So use a little common sense and enjoy essential oils and their benefits. Hey, anything that has been used for so long as essential oils can’t be bad, can they? I highly recommend you check them out. As I said at the beginning of this blog, “I wasn’t sure if essential oils were quite what they were credited to be.” Now I’m a believer.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural blog of! Our goal for this blog is to be a collection of thoughts and ideas on how using essential oils can be used for the benefit of everyone. Share your stories of how essential oils have made a difference in your life. If you have a favorite recipe or combination of oils please share it, but also share the benefit.
Here’s some suggested Let’s:

Let’s let our stories be an education in the best use of essential oils. We know if used incorrect Essential oils can cause problems. But anything used incorrectly will yield a similar result.

Let’s promote each other with respect and not bash anyone.

Let’s share our links and build a friendly community. We can help each other be more visible.

Let’s work together as a community and not a bunch of individuals. Our group with be stronger than the total number of individuals.

Let’s work together so essential oils will benefit everyone.